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Welding & Metal Pouring Respirators

Specialty NIOSH Series Masks

These N95 NIOSH rated respirators are specifically designed for protection against metal fumes including those with ozone. These respirators feature a very smooth inner surface, fully adjustable head straps, full inside face seal, a flame retardant outer layer and a preformed nose area plus and adjustable aluminum nose clip. All of these specially designed features help ensure that they are worn in the workplace and increase worker usage

N95 Respirators:
N95 NIOSH Respirators 9600 Comfort Series
N95 Cone Respirators
N95 Flanged Edge Respirators
N95 Flat Fold Respirators
Welding & Metal Pouring Respirators
N95 Vertical Fold Respirators
N95 Adjustable Headstrap Respirators
Specialty R95, P95 & N99 Respirators

Specialty products include our N99 Mask (rated 99% effective), R95 (slightly resistant to oil), and P95 respirators (strongly resistant to oil)

Other Respirators:
FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 Respirators
FFP Flanged Edge Respirators
FFP Flat Fold Respirators
FFP Vertical Fold Flat Respirators AS/NZS & JPS Respirators
Envi910F Series Respirators
Other Products:
Medical Face Masks
Our Manufacturing Facility:
510-N95W N95 Welding Respirator, adjustable straps M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-4652
N95V-510W N95 Welding Respirator w/Valve, adjustable straps M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-4654
N95VOV-510W N95 Welding Respirator w/Valve, adjustable straps (for Nuisance Organic Vapors) M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-6955