N95 Flanged Edge Respirators

MK Comfort N95 Masks Series

The MK Comfort Series N95 disposable respirator has been designed as an alternative to our 9500 Comfort Series respirators. The primary difference between the two series is that the new MK design has a "flanged" edge all around the full circumferance of the masks as some users prefer this seal to the face. We also chose to change the inside nosepiece to a thinner and longer PVC foam, which some wearer's also prefer. Lastly, the MK series has a square shape exhalation valve which was chosen only as a design consideration in order to further differentiate this N95 model from our 9500 Comfort Series.

MK910-N95 N95 Cone Respirator M/L 20 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-5408
MK910-N95S N95 Cone Respirator S 20 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-5464
MKN95-910V N95 Cone Respirator with Exhalation Valve M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-5409
MK910-N95OV N95 Cone Respirator (for Nuisance Organic Vapors) M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-7829
MK910-N95VOV N95 Cone Respirator w/Valve (for Nuisance Organic Vapors) M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-7830