N95 NIOSH Respirators

9600 Comfort Series

The new 9600 Comfort Series of NIOSH approved respirators has the additional benefit of being foldable for easy storage in a worker's pocket. The slightly different shape may be able to fit more workers in any workplace. These models have been designed to easily meet NIOSH's stringent approval requirements for breathing resistance and filtration effciency. Most companies interested in adding N95 respirators to their line of business will select either our 9500 Comfort Series, the alternative MK Comfort Series, or this new line of 9600 series as the focal point around which to build a disposable respirator line.

9600-N95 N95 Cone Respirator with White or Blue Outer Layer M/L 20 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-7867
9600-N95S N95 Cone Respirator S 20 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-7871
9600V-N95 N95 Cone Respirator with Exhalation Valve M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-7869
9600-N95OV N95 Cone Respirator (for Nuisance Organic Vapors) M/L 20 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-7882
9600-N95VOV N95 Cone Respirator w/Valve(for Nuisance Organic Vapors) M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-7883