Flat Fold Series

Our Fit-N95 respirator (with or without an exhalation valve) combines features of both the cone and flat-folded styles of respirators. The flexible edges conform to most wearers’ facial features to create a tight but comfortable seal, while the fold-out front offers distance from the mouth as in traditional cone-style masks

Makrite N95 respirator

foldable when not use for easy storage

fully adjustable loop headstrap for proper fit (and ease of hanging from the neck when not in use)

inside view of FIT-N95 respirator

extendend foam for greater comfort

3-panel design provides a larger filtering area


FIT-N95 - Medium/Large

N95 with valve

FIT-N95V - Medium/Large


910-N95FMX - Medium/Large
traditional duckbill style

N95 with valve

N95V-910FM - Medium/Large
traditional duckbill style

FIT-N95 N95 Flat Folded Respirator M/L 20 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-8420
FIT-N95V N95 Flat Folded Respirator with exhalation valve M/L 10 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-8421
910-N95FMX* N95 Flat Folded Respirator M/L 30 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-4541
N95V-910FM N95 Flat Folded Respirator with exhalation valve M/L 15 masks/box; 12 boxes/case TC-84A-4542
* Cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a Surgical N95 Respirator, FDA 510(k): K020474